Why can’t I control my wire speed

This is a question we get quite often. Weldpro MIG welders have a feature that can “auto sense” whether or not there is welding current. (In other words, whether or not the user is actually welding.)

When the trigger is depressed, the Weldpro machines check for welding current for approximately 4 seconds. If no welding current is detected and the trigger remains depressed, our machines assume the user is not welding, but rather feeding a new roll of wire through the cable, and the machine speeds its feed up to 100% maximum speed automatically. This makes feeding new wire into the machine a breeze. Just remember to remove your nozzle and contact tip before feeding new wire and remember to keep your cable stretched out as straight as you can. Also understand many of our welders use friction fit nozzles that both come off and go on with a slight clockwise twist and pull or twist and push, both in a clockwise direction.

Some folks have a tendency to want to try to set their wire speed while just simply pressing the trigger and holding the gun out into the air to watch the wire feed to determine what speed they feel will be what they need. This is not the best way to initially set your wire feed speed or your voltage. In doing so, this is where the user would run into our “auto-feed sensing” and lose control of trying to set wire feed speed.

While there are some general preset suggestions for wire speed and voltage on various metals, it still remains far less of a science and far more of a personal feel to get the exact setting for your individual welding style as well as the specific machine you are using.

We recommend you check a generic chart readily available on the internet, or in your manual, or on your machine if one is included, to get a general idea of where you should be setting your wire feed speed and voltage. Then adjust from there after making some short test welds.

Remember wire feed speed effects current. The faster the wire speed the higher the current and the hotter the weld. Voltage is the pressure of the electrical force and has an effect on the weld’s shape. The lower the voltage setting the more convex the appearance of the weld bead will be, conversely the higher the voltage setting the more concave the appearance of the weld bead will be. Most times when you’re voltage and wire speed are within an acceptable range these differences will become very subtle.

The Weldpro 200 amp MIG welder is a synergic redesigned welder. What that means is that the welder adjusts automatically your voltage and wire speed together using one knob. Once you are within the range that feels comfortable for the metal you’re welding, you do have an additional option to independently adjust voltage using the menu control button and voltage setting. Always set your wire speed on these machines to where you believe it should be for your particular job and then adjust your voltage should you need to, independently through the menu options.

As always our support is just a phone call away should you need any additional information or explanation.