Welding Interview with Keith Reynolds

By: Luke Fosburg

A few weeks ago, on a warm summer evening, I was sitting on the porch when I got a message from a gentleman named Keith Reynolds. It went something like this.

Hey Luke,
I hope that this email finds you well!
Attached you will find photos of a Credenza that I built with the Weldpro [welder]. I have probably 20 projects so I will send them over to you.
Also the wine rack above the credenza was built by the Weldpro. 
I am a self taught DIY welder that learned on the Weldpro. I hope to one day get the Tig to learn that skill as well. 
Thanks for being interested in looking at my projects.”

I was so excited to see Keith’s projects! We started exchanging emails and soon he was showing me all the cool stuff he built with his Weldpro MIG 200. I decided to ask Keith a few questions and I would like to share these with you so you can be inspired like I was.

Luke: How long have you been welding/when did you start? 

Keith: I actually started welding 2.5 years ago at home. Started actually doing Flux core welding. Now I am using gas. 

Luke: Why did you want to start welding? 

Keith: I started welding because I went on a vacation to Iceland and there was a vanity in our hotel made of wood and metal. Prior to leaving I was building a bathroom at my house and loved the minimalist modern look of it.  I looked up the vanity and it cost roughly 2k. I didn’t want to pay that so i thought that I could actually do it. I was watching welding videos on youtube for years at that point as a hobby. Also, I essentially remodeled my home at that point so I wasn’t afraid to kind of jump into something like this. I purchased the Weldpro and some metal and built the vanity. 

Luke: What resources did you use to help you get started? I.E. YouTube.

Keith: I am pretty much youtube taught. I did go to a 3 hour MIG welding class but I didn’t learn as much as I would have liked. I watched many of the normal people like Jimbos Garage, Jimmy Direstra, Weld.com, and many others who made furniture. 

Luke: Why did you choose a Weldpro welder? 

Keith: I choose it for the features that I got compared to the price. Listening to all of these welding channels I saw made a list of the things that are most important in a welder, and it seemed the Weld Pro had most of those things; it was synergic, great wire feed system, good MIG gun, and easy to load. I also liked how the door swung down as opposed to up. Plus I felt as though I could grow into the welder with it being multipurpose. 

Luke: Anything else cool you would like to share? 

Keith sent these over…

Custom Fence Gate

Wine Rack


Bathroom Shelf

In conclusion

Keith can be quite an inspiration to us all! He is proof that a good idea can turn into reality simply by trying something new. If you have been thinking of getting into welding, whether for art, furniture, or repair, Weldpro wants to give you the tools and knowledge base to allow you to be as creative as Keith has.

If you are unsure of what type of equipment to purchase, the Weldpro MIG 200 GD SV is a multiprocess welder that specializes in mig welding. The TIG 200 is an excellent choice for detail or artwork. The TIG200 is also capable of running stick extremely well so it will handle your thicker materials as well!

Thanks again to Keith for sharing his projects and his experience with us. While we have only featured a small handful of Keith’s projects here, tune in to our social media and Youtube channels where you can find all the latest from Keith and many other creators who are willing to share their creations with the world.

-Luke Fosburg