The New MIG210 LCD from Weldpro!

Weldpro is proud to announce the release of the brand new MIG210 LCD. This is a multiprocess inverter welder capable of MIG, Flux Core, Stick, TIG, and Aluminum Spool Gun. If you have been looking for a welder that can do it all, look no further than the MIG210 LCD from Weldpro. 

The process capabilities of the MIG210 LCD are similar to that of the MIG200 with many advanced features and expanded adjustability. The new MIG210 LCD comes with a brand new color LCD display. This display is valuable for providing rapid adjustments to amperage, voltage, and wire speed as well as providing real  time information regarding the current process, gas type, wire or electrode size, and material thickness. 

Beginners will find the recommended settings features useful. The MIG210 LCD comes with setting guidance built in. The user is required to set the process type, gas type, electrode diameter, and material thickness. The MIG210 LCD will provide setting feedback via the color display. If the settings currently being used fall within the recommended settings for a particular weldment, the digital readout will display green.

As you begin to approach the maximum voltage or wire speed for a given process the 210 LCD will change colors to Yellow, then to Red, indicating settings are outside of the recommended parameters.

Menu upgrades to the MIG210 LCD include the ability to select multiple process types as well as gas and electrode types. When the user first enters the menu on the MIG210LCD they will be prompted to select a process. Be sure to find the correct process type whether it be 75/25 blend MIG or 100% CO2, Stick, TIG, Etc.

Once in the selected process menu the user will be able to select all the specifics that will allow the MIG210 LCD to help fine tune the machine parameters. 

There is now a dedicated spool gun mode for welding aluminum. The optional spool gun can give any owner the ability to weld aluminum with the 210LCD by using 100% pure argon shielding gas.

The Stick mode now comes complete with the ability to select 60xx or 70xx electrode types. There is also a more advanced Arc force feature as well as the addition of a Hot Start option. The Hot Start and Arc Force allow the user to fine tune the stick welding process to eliminate electrode sticking at starts and a smoother weld appearance. 

The MIG welder modes include all new Spot Timer options. The Spot Timer built into the MIG210 LCD can be useful for many applications including auto body, farm repair, and thin sheet metal welding. There are also inductance options for added control-ability. 

The MIG210 LCD bundle will include everything you need to get started! The package includes a TIG torch, MIG gun, Flowmeter, Electrode Holder (Stinger), Ground Clamp, and consumables pack!

Feel free to check out some of our new feature videos on the new MIG210 LCD at Weldpro’s YouTube page. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask. Pick up a MIG210 LCD today and learn why thousands of others call Welpro, their brand.