Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter 3-in-1 Multi-Process Welder With Dual-Voltage 240V/120V MIG/TIG/Arc Stick

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• Weldpro’s flagship 200 amp MIG welder that goes beyond MIG and Flux Core welding!

• The model 200 is also capable of true lift TIG welding as well as stick welding and aluminum welding with the optional spool gun. The MIG 200 is an intuitive synergically designed MIG / Flux Core welding machine.

• MIG,Stick or TIG weld all from a single compact, space-saving unit. Welding Amperage Ranges230V: MIG: 40-200A; MMA: 40-200A; TIG: 15-200A115V: MIG:40-120A; MMA:40-120A; TIG: 15-120A; 30% at 200 Amp rated duty cycle

• MIG welding wire diameter: 0.024/0.031/0.039, welding thickness: 19ga- 0.197 in; TIG tungsten needle diameter: 0.063 0.094, welding thickness: 25ga- 1/4 in; MMA electrode Dia: 0.063-0.157 acid electrode, alkaline electrode, welding thickness: 14ga-0.315in

• Dual digital display easy to read and set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time.  VRD high temp and overload protection with indication. User adjustable inductance settings.

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The Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter 3-in-1 multi-process dual-voltage welder is a synergically designed MIG (DC)/ Flux Core/TIG(DC)/Stick(DC) welder that takes the worry out of adjusting voltage and wire speed. The model Mig 200 automatically adjusts and compensates both voltage and wire speed together while at the same time allowing the user to fine-tune voltage independently if they so desire . The IGBT Inverter Technology provides high power in a light, compact unit (30 lbs). Advanced Inductive settings allow for smoother, cleaner, welds with less spatter than other machines in and above this price range This unit is capable of performing MIG, Lift TIG and Stick welding equally well at maximum 200 amp output. There’s not much this unit can’t do. With Dual Digital display easily set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time. 2T/4T modes, spool gun capability, and advanced DC lift TIG features. This multi-process welder truly handles about any chore, including aluminum when used with the optional spool gun in the MIG mode. Lift TIG welding even allows for brazing of dissimilar metals using The TIG braising technique. Package includes: 1. 10ft MIG torch ERGOPLUS15; 2. TIG torch: 13 ft. WP-17V; 3. Electrode holder: 5AWGx10 ft. 200A cable 35-50 quick connector; 4. Earth clamp: 5AWGx10 ft. 300A cable35-50 quick connector; 5. Gas hose: 55; 6.Power adapter. The Mig 200 is a quality, versatile machine backed by the Weldpro 2 year factory warranty. A truly amazing welding machine!

Additional information

Weight 55.3 lbs
Dimensions 25.2 × 12.8 × 24.2 in

2 years

Supply voltage

110v/240v 60 Hz

Output current under 115V input

40-120A (MIG) 40-120A (MMA) 15-120A (TIG)

Output current under 220V input

40-200A (MIG) 40-200A (MMA) 15-200A(TIG)

Duty cycle @115V input

30% @ 120A, 100% @66A

Duty cycle @220V input

30% @200A, 100% @110A

Wire Feed Speed

78-550 inches per minute

Dimensions (in)


Product weight (Ib)


Shipping Weight (Ib)


53 reviews for Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter 3-in-1 Multi-Process Welder With Dual-Voltage 240V/120V MIG/TIG/Arc Stick

  1. James King

    Excellent customer surport. Haven’t use it yet, will update.

  2. David B

    I did my research before buying this amazing welder and found that it had all the features that you expected of the new Multiprocessor welders. I have used a lot of different welders . Some very expensive. Once you practice with this machine it works as well or better than the most expensive welders.

  3. Gabriel

    Love this machine for home projects. easy to use. Easy set up. Very much worth the money you wont find a better deal.

  4. Scott Olson

    This is a fabulous welder! Very easy to weld with and easy to make nice looking welds. Tech support is very good USA based and super personal and helpful.

  5. Brian K

    This machine will surprise the most experienced welder out there in its capabilities. I have had mine for 2 years and have done so many projects. Only think I haven’t done in it is TIG welding

  6. James A

    Best machine out there at this price. All functions can lay it down real nice. I am surprised at how decent the quality is.

  7. dan s.

    got it, fired it up, works great!

  8. Mathew T.

    Easy set up. Light weight and very portable. Plenty of power and easy to read display. Love it!!

  9. joseph patane

    joseph patane

    Very impressed! Probably the best packaged item I have ever received. Easy setup very high-quality accessories. Customer service is beyond exceptional. Can’t say enough about it. Super happy with my purchase plan on buying a MIG welder next.

  10. Chris Ruiz

    Chris Ruiz

  11. Greg Krempasky

    Greg Krempasky

    Have not had the chance to use it yet but the product looks well constructed. More to come!

  12. Bruce Gay

    This is an awesome welding machine. I have completed several projects since it arrived. I recommend this product. Tech support is there when you have questions.

  13. Richard

    I literally recieved this today. For the price and its functionality, it was simply hard to say no. I read every review about this, watched all of the videos available. I was simply impressed. I am waiting on a bottle of c25 to test solid wire mig. So for now I am playing with fluxcore on auto body sheet metal. I know its risky to do so. But in comparison to a much cheaper mig machine, this welds like a absolute dream. The adjustability is hands down incredible. The shipping packaging was super excellent. Very well protected. I can’t wait to try out the other available functions of this machine, I doubt it will let me down. I can only recommend this to anyone who is wanting to buy a decent welder without mortgaging their home or looking to upgrade from a lower quality machine.

  14. Steven Heifort


    Excellent machine, very comparative to an industrial machine

  15. Robert

    very professional and helpful company, highly recommend

  16. Brian MacDonald

  17. Tristan Sawyer

  18. Austin




    Love the multi process welder! Works like welders at 3x the price! I would recomend highly to anyone who is looking for a great deal on a quality product!

  20. James Fowler

    James F.

    Very easy purchase and welder performs better than expected! Quality built machine.

  21. Todd Hungerford

  22. Kenneth Ratcliff

    Kenneth Ratcliff

    Excellent machine, excellent tech support by Joe!

  23. Stuart

    I have had this product for a few months and have used it for a few projects. This machine is fantastic, I have only been able to stick and flux core so far and both have worked out flawlessly. My only complaint with this package is that there is no flux core nozzel and no replacement defuser. I look to add the spoolgun to this when I can and open aluminum welding up to my services. Solid machine, well worth the money.

  24. Ricardo B.

    Love the Weldpro just used it today ,it sits on the cart I also purchased from weldpro one thing though does the foot Pedal come with the welder or is that purchased separately ? because I didn’t receive it ,just want to know so I can purchase it to complete the unit. Ps argon tank is next! Thank you😎👍

  25. Jeff Colter

    So far I have been very impressed with the MIG200GDsv, I have had it for about a year now. The original ground clamp that came with mine is in poor shape (old copper strap style which frayed and split) needs to be replaced. It looks they have updated to a more reliable solid copper one on the newer units which is a nice update. I’ve used it to do some Stainless TIG work for my exhaust and small MIG projects around the house and on my Jeep/trailer wihtout any issues. Just after I bought the unit they contacted me and they were very friendly and helpful to make sure I got off to a good start with it and had any question answered. Thanks guys! Would definitely recommend their products.

  26. michael petermeier

    came super fast and welds great

  27. Owen Morehart

    Great product & great people to work with. I called Customer Support with a few questions & was immediately impressed by their knowledge & assistance. Highly recommend!

  28. chris devries

    chris d.

    only issue was gun change. bought extra mig parts for spring type gas sheild and cam with threaded.

  29. Jeffrey James

    Jeffrey James

    Awesome little machine thank you very much I’m very well pleased

  30. Steven E.

    Looked at many, bought this, and glad I did. Everything is well made and works great.

  31. Tammy Taylor

    Tammy T.

  32. Anonymous

  33. Russell H.

    Amazing little machine

  34. Joshua Fast


    Great welder for the price you can’t beat it. I need the AC/DC unit and the spool gun then I’ll have a complete hobby shop.

  35. David Reavis

    Amazing! Customer service is outstanding, and the welder is second to none! Will purchase from again and again!

  36. rodney clum

    rodney clum

    Nice welder. Easy set up. Components feel good not cheap.

  37. Jeff Robinson


    Just purchased yesterday! Brought it home and set it up for some mig welding. I run some nice millers at work. Id put this weldpro up there with them any day. Love the quality from the machine itself to each piece of equipment it comes with, to the welds it produced! Love it and will be going after a plasma cutter next! If youre looking for your next welder go ahead and stop looking. Spend your money on a weldpro! You’ll be glad you did.



    Great machine! Looking forward to welding on some long awaited projects!!

  39. Radar

    I bought mine refurbished from eBay. I was a little worried about it but I’ve had mine maybe 6 months now and it works amazing. I have a Miller and use a Lincoln Ranger 250 at work and I’d say this does just as good as they do. I haven’t used Tig yet but I have used stick and mig with both flux core and solid wire. Those three work amazing. Everything feels very well built and should last a long time. I received the cart from weld pro today and it is also very well built and it’s plenty big enough to hold my stuff. Talked to Joe tonight about a few things and he was super helpful and friendly. Gave me a lot of helpful info. I would recommend this welder to anyone.

  40. Monte Wachter


    Great product at a great price.

  41. Matt

    Bought this after lots of review research and glad I bought this been using in home garage 3 plus hours a night after work and on weekends works great stick burns hot and smooth tig works nice and am blown away with the high dollar features I was having trouble with my pulse setting called the number and holly crap got a guy in States that speaks English and knows his $#@+ he walked me thru it and adjusted it I must of hit a button by mistake cuz it went right back to work he listened to me weld and I was back in business he spent probably 45 minutes filling me full of useful info told me to call anytime 7 days a week!!! Joe is awesome can’t thank him enough I will buy everything thing from weld pro now on for my garage the last three inverter Lincolns we have at work have been problemmatic we switched to miller’s and have had better luck I like all kinds so no bias here I’ve been field welder and shop fabbing for 20 or so years so I hope this helps someone

  42. Thad Roark

    Thad Roark

    Nice machine but haven’t used it yet.

  43. Scott Folmar

    Scott F.

    Seems to be a very good machine. I am looking forward to put it to the test.

  44. Jeremy Maynard

    Jeremy M.

    I am very happy with this product. Everything is very well made. Have only used the stick and mig functions on 110v but it lays it in like butter. I feel like a better welder with this machine. I can’t wait to get 220v in my shop to see what this thing can really do. I am looking forward to using tig as well. Also it was shipped and sitting at my house within 2 days of ordering.

  45. kyle

  46. Ronald Miller

    Arrived well packaged. I have only stick welded with it so far works well.

  47. Ted Tackett

    Ted T.

    After my MIG unit turned itself into a Morse code machine in the middle of a job, I was in serious need of a good quality welder. After lots of research, I went with this unit from weldpro. Out of the box the unit worked perfectly, welding in one pass things that I didn’t think it could do. I even tried to get it to not stack up, went small on the wire, kept it to 110 instead of 220, and this little monster just kept right at it. I’ve got about five hours on the machine so far, and with fine tuning it’s done nothing but impress! My only wish would be that it came with an extra regulator to make swapping from MIG to TIG quicker, but really that’s a minor issue. Thank you for such a great quality product at a good price!

  48. Cameron Moore

    Cameron Moore

  49. clintondnixon


    Very pleased with my purchase. The welder preforms well.

  50. Jacob Gonzales

    Great machine have been using mine full time for the last month at the fab shop I work at untill the boss upgrades our work units…..have had zero issues and welds look as nice as anything else I have used.

  51. David Lewis

    Love my machine and the support is beyond belief in todays world of ignore the customer!
    I called support and hung up before they answered and they called back anyways to check.

    Thanks again!

  52. Dennis Ghylin

    Dennis Ghylin

    Bought this after my 25 yr. Old welder decided to give up the ghost. Shipping was fast and the welder works fantastic. The only minor issue was the fact that it only came with one .035 tip. Was able to finish up a project with absolutely no problems.

  53. Nathaniel Turner


    First, I am a novice at welding. I had questions about the product, their tech support was amazing and on point. What is so impressive was the quality for the price paid for what I got. I have had it for about 3 years and have had to replace very little (due to my error). The lift tig is a little hard to get used to, but I figured it out. I wish it had a foot pedal as that is what I got some training on. Overall you cannot be disappointed with this product. Huge plus: made in the USA, coming from a Veteran!

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