Weldpro Digital 200 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder with Pulse CK 17 Worldwide Superflex Torch/with Trigger Switch Dual Voltage 220V/110V

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  •   Weldpro’s flagship 200 amp AC/DC TIG welder that goes beyond simply welding steel and aluminum.
  •   The model 200 is also a digital designed TIG welder equipped with  full function TIG welding features found on machines priced much  higher.
  •   Start and end amps, upslope, downslope, fully adjustable pulse, AC balance, AC frequency. 2T-4T
  •   Excellent Professional design rocker style foot pedal without  annoying intermediate amperage control. And now available with the  optional CK Worldwide superflex cable and flex head number 17F torch  with independent trigger switch.
  •   Also fully capable MMA stick welding function with stinger included.


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The WeldproTIGACDC200GD welder is an inverter based machine that  utilizes the most advanced inverter technology. IGBT circuits along with  PWM technology, along with the greatly reduced size and weight, enable  this welder to not only be more efficient by 30%, but also as a result  of the electronic circuitry, enables this acdc tig welding machine to  afford the user far more and better range of settings for each specific  weld. The ACDCTIG200GD also has a 40% duty cycle at full amperage for DC  TIG and a 60% duty cycle for AC TIG. The ACDCTIG200 is capable of  welding with either AC or DC current. This allows the user to choose DC  current welding for carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and many other  metals, while also being equipped with the ability to switch over to AC  welding used in welding aluminum and aluminum alloys. In addition to  its advanced TIG welding functions, the ACDCTIG200GD is also a very good  MMA / Stick welder. This AC/DC TIG welder adopts our company’s  exclusive High Frequency technology as well as a pure square wave  output, excellent arc force and a wide range of balance control for  aluminum cleaning. This AC/DC TIG welder also offers a feature not  always found in this price range. For example, 2T-4T touch control,  start amps, end amps, upslope, downslope, pulse, AC Balance and a  completely dedicated foot control pedal with no interim current control  on the foot pedal. This design is a much sought after feature of  advanced welders who dislike greatly the idea of inadvertently changing  amperage settings while readjusting the foot pedal with their feet while  changing their welding positions. This is no longer a concern with the  Weldpro ACDCTIG200 since all amperage control settings are made from the  console on the machines face.



Additional information

Weight 61 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 20 in
Output Power Type


Rated Electrical Input

110v / 240v 60 Hz

TIG Amps range


Stick Amps range (AC/DC)


Pre-flow (S)


Up Slope time range (s)


Down Slope time range(s)


Post flow (s)


Pulse Peak On Time

10-90% adjustable

Pulse Frequency

0.5-200 HZ

AC balance


AC Frequency


Hot start


HF Start TIG


2T/4T Torch Trigger Panel Control


Foot Pedal


Weight (lb)


Dimensions (in)


101 reviews for Weldpro Digital 200 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder with Pulse CK 17 Worldwide Superflex Torch/with Trigger Switch Dual Voltage 220V/110V

  1. Danial L

    Great machine, Lots of features, good PRICE, works great.

  2. Matt

    Good welder overall. One of the few digital interface ones you can get under 1000$

  3. Tim F

    With 1/3 to 1/2 the price , this machine has more features and adjustments than any machine i have used before .

  4. cody

    This welder is amazing. Very easy to use and works perfectly. Absolutely no complaints.

  5. Jeremy

    Who knows the min amp output?

    • Weldpro ding


      5 Amps DC and 10 Amps AC

  6. AARON

    initial seems as advertised. shipped quick.

  7. AlanZ% Geier

    Alan Geier

    Had a chance to run it thru its paces, so far so good. to fig
    The manual could have been better but I managed to figure it out. My friend stopped by today, was impressed. Now he’s going to order one for himself.

  8. David P.

    This is a sweet little machine for what it can do

  9. Wes Kuehl

    Wes K.

    No damage, nothing missing.
    I’ve only done a couple of welds on stainless and I haven’t tried welding aluminum yet.
    works good

  10. Alfonso Noriega

    Alfonso N.

    Great machine, exceeded my expectations. Very nicely packaged. Machine performs well, clean arc starts, pulse works awesome, works great on alumina (AC) and steel (DC). The pedal works great, nice and smooth, the gas regulator held pressure after closing the bottle for a few days, I used my wp9 torch but the CK products were very nice. The machine comes with everything you need to produce some great welding in a hobby or professionally setting.

  11. Dan Faviere


    Just set it up but will be using it later today, looks great right out of the box and can’t wait to put it to the test. Watched a couple of reviews and it looks amazing.

  12. Anthony Hubbard

    shipping suck but welder is good

  13. Seth Davis

    Seth Davis

    Great welder for the money. I am a novice TIG welder at best and this welder is very user friendley. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  14. Mark Poorman

    Mark L

    So far so good, Machine working well, technical support is above and beyond!!!

  15. Christian McKemie

    Christian M.

    I have not yet used my welder but am very impressed with the ordering process, speedy delivery and overall quality and completeness of the product all accessories.

  16. Ryan Payne

    Ryan Payne

    It’s a great little machine. Does everything I need it to do.

  17. Anthony Lipinski

    Anthony L.


  18. Robert

    Top notch company, always VERY helpful and professional

  19. Albert Bitker

    Albert Bitker

    This welder is leaps and bounds better than the Eastwood tig 200 that I upgraded from. As soon as I got it dialed in on ac and dc I instantly tell the difference in weld quality. From the crisp arc starts to the muliple different adjustments with the pulse feature, the high quality CK torch, and the rocker style foot pedal, I love it all. This machine is seriously by far the best bang for your buck whether you’re a novice hobbyist, or a professional fabricator. Only thing I regret is not buying one of these machines earlier. Amazing product Weldpro, I cant wait to get my Mig155gsv and do a comparison to my current machine!

  20. James Pasciuta

    James P.

    Ordering process was super easy and I was kept informed every step of the way. Actually received my welder earlier then was promised. The welder itself is on par with the high end pricey units which I have and will never buy again if Weldpro keeps up their quality. Can’t say enuff about the quality of the machine and how easy it is to use. I would recommend it to anyone and the customer service excellent.

  21. Sean Wooldridge

    Awesome machine so far! To me the noise really isn’t that bad at all!

  22. David Goodman

    David G.

    Have not used the welder for aluminum or 220 V but have played with the 110 and it wheels really smooth on steel

  23. Alex Grossman

    Alex G.

    Easy company to work with, beat their shipping date which was great. This is a great package for the price IMO. Easy for a Beginner, and Great for a Fabricator like me. So far after 2 weeks of using the Welder, I am very impressed. I have Miller Syncrowave 250 and I prefer this for Aluminum. I have used to Tig Steel and Aluminum and only on 220V so far. Arc is very stable for Thin to thick Aluminum and it has plenty of power. Controls are easy and accurate, clean simple design, accessories are high quality although work clamp is not my preferred design. CK Torch and included sleeve are great, pedal works well.
    The overall design is very good and easy to move around which is a plus as well. so far it is a great choice as far as I am concerned.

  24. Brandon Kilgore

    Brandon Kilgore

    Better than expected. Excellent welder for the price.

  25. Hunter Kite


    Thank you Joe for all of your help diagnosing the problem.

  26. Elijah Godfrey


  27. Owen Bartsh

    I haven’t tried the TIG yet as I don’t have an argon bottle right now, but stick works well and I am very impressed in what I got for the price. Seems like a good quality machine with many features.

  28. Jason hetfield

    Jason h.

    I’ve used $100 welders, I’ve used $9000 welders and everything in between. There is no way you’d ever know that this machine didn’t cost thousands more than it is did. I was going to use this as a second TIG Machine in my shop but it works so good that there was no need to keep my other (more expensive unit). I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

  29. Marty Winslow

    Marty W.

    This welder is impossible to beat at this price point. Arc control is great and the CK torch is perfect for this setup.

  30. Arthur Taft

    have not opened the box yet.

  31. Samuel Taflinger


  32. Patrick W.

    So far so good!

  33. Billy lockridge


    I researched tig machines in this price range and I think the weldpro is the best bang for your buck! This is my first tig welder and so far I love it. The digital interface makes set up easy and accurate and weldpro’s YouTube videos are helpful. It comes with everything but the argon to start welding . I definitely recommend.

  34. Sean Baker

    Great looking machine, lots of online support through you tube

  35. Bailey Brooks

    Bailey Brooks

    Works great nicely packaged and even included a hat for me thanks.

  36. Mark Albright


    This unit arrived very fast and packaging was extremely good!
    I just am wrapping up the setup on this Tig welder and am looking forward to seeing how it does. Sorry that I cannot rate how well it does laying a bead of weld, however, I am an experienced welder retired, and from what I see so far, I am confident that this machine was a smart purchase for me and the items I am engineering and welding should come out great!! Thanks for the excellent service thus far!

  37. Melva

    I like how you wrote about 2020 Weldpro Digital
    TIG 200GD ACDC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK 17 Worldwide
    Superflex Torch/with Trigger Switch Dual Voltage 220V/110V.

  38. Bacanu Claudiu

    Can be used in UE countries?

    • Weldpro ding


      yes it will run on both 50 and 60 hz.

  39. Joe Kane

    Very impressed, great welder

  40. Alan P.

    Very nice welder. Fast shipping and an excellent price.

  41. Jody Hernandez

    Jody H.

    Great product wish there was setup instructions for a beginner

    • Weldpro ding


      Please visit our youtube channel, we have video instruction for setup

  42. Louis Carbaugh


    Welder has performed very well, it would be nice if you had a mig welder only welder where you could weld from 023 to 035 mig and flux core wire.

  43. Matt Wiidanen

    Like it wish it came with longer leads for stick and ground but ez fix welds great everything seems good quality

  44. Christopher BROWN

    Christopher BROWN

    Seems to work very good. Have only done some minimal testing. Machine appears to be very good quality.

  45. Thomas Clark

    Thomas C.

    Super fast delivery and an easy machine to use.

  46. Robert Gibson

    I bought it June 25th 2020. It’s December 13 2020 in wanted to run it and give a fair review after using it a while. I’m a welder/fabricator and work out of my house. I use it at least 5 or 6 times a week. Great machine good price.

  47. semperphi1

    Ron P.

    Super fast FREE shipping at a great price!,,
    Great functioning welder,Stick welding is very smooth.
    Still learning to Tig weld.

  48. Edward Horton

    Edward Horton

    Fast shipping great product.

  49. Alex Erion


  50. Donald Magnus

    Donald Magnus

  51. Joseph Suhre

    Joseph Suhre

  52. Ken Kees


    Good quality throughout, clear settings, everything works well, with quick response to questions from customer service. Am very pleased with this company and my purchase.

  53. Jayme Digman

    I am very pleased with this welder. I was debating on going with the Weldpro or Eastwood tig welder and I’m glad I picked the Weldpro. Shipping was very fast. I had it to my door in two days. It handles 1/4″ aluminum with ease.

  54. Joey Kandler

    Joey K.

    I have welded with many high dollar welders that didn’t perform as well as this did. So many options for the price. One of the best foot pedals I’ve used. 10 minutes of setup and it worked perfectly. Has a very forgiving arc that was smooth and easy to control. This is one of those items that you purchase and just stand back and are happy that you did. Two thumbs up.

  55. Brian

  56. Robert Sholty

    Robert S.

    So far so good! Happy with the money spent!

  57. Mitch

    Great company to deal with , fast shipping

  58. Jeffrey Faughn


    Extremely happy with both the product and the ordering process.

  59. Steven Veley


  60. Kenneth Nelson

    Kenneth Nelson

    I was running behind I came up late in a snowstorm and one of the employees stayed an hour later so I could pick the machine up cuz I had a job I had to get done very satisfied

  61. terry penton

  62. Robert Lee

    Robert L.

    Everything works! No complaints about the machine. I had questions, so I called and ended up speaking with Joe. He was super friendly and helpful. I will definitely be ordering through Weldpro again!

  63. James Kurth

    James Kurth

    Nice little unit. Still figuring out all the settings.

  64. Nik Kassler

    Nik K.

  65. grant tesnow

    grant tesnow

    Awsome machine

  66. mitchell chenoweth

    mitchell c.

    Best customer service I have ever experienced. Packaging was amazing and the machine performs flawlessly. I absolutely love my new machine.

  67. Eric B.

    Ordered this on a Tuesday around 1130 a.m. recieved it next day Wednesday at 10 a.m outstanding!!! Machine works flawless, love it!!! Would defenately recommend to anyone!!!

  68. NarpSwa

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  69. Michael Kyro

    Great price and fast shipping. Welder was super easy to set up and use!

  70. William Gabel

    William G.

    Well constructed unit, easy intuitive control layout, sure arc starts, the pulse control and digital display have made my TIG welding more enjoyable.

    Packaging was very secure and very well done.

    Weldpro staff are extremely helpful and easy to access. I could not be happier!

  71. Robert Stewart


  72. Jim Howse

    Jim H.

    Great tig and stick welder! Love all the options on this machine and the quality of the tig torch, ground clamp and other components that it came with. All I needed to get was argon and some filler rod, the machine came with all the rest. Great job on this one Weldpro! Very happy with this machine!

  73. Max K.

  74. Tod Callahan

    Haven’t run on 220 yet, but playing on just 110 it is awesome! Started with 1/8 plate. Just tried 1/4 and it does just fine. Haven’t Tig welded in over 20 yrs, but weld for a living and can say the welds have plenty of penitration and actually look pretty good. I am very happy with this machine. Can’t wait to see what it does when I get it running at it’s full potential.

  75. todcallahan

    Tod C.

    Very pleased with the welder. Only been operating on 110, but welds 1/4″ mild steel very well. Looking forward to seeing how it does at its full potential.

  76. Jaime Solis


    The welder arrived ahead of time, upon unboxing, noticed that the welder and accessories are of high quality. Can’t wait to try it out.

  77. Benjamin Bristor

    Benjamin B.

  78. Rob Weisenbaugh

    Rob Weisenbaugh

    awesome machine and great customer service

  79. Ray Carpenter

    Excellent welder and excellent service

  80. Jeff Lamatina

    Unit is not used daily, though the the first TIG and stick jobs had good results.

  81. Titus Clouse

  82. Brandon Betterton

    Seems to work fine. Wish there was a setting guide for voltage, hz, etc for people just starting out

  83. terry

    i was a welder for G.E. aircraft engines, used a hobart the size of a small chest freezer. this welds just as good! extremely happy with this machine, well worth the price and 2 yr warranty what’s not to like

  84. terry baldwin


    I welded on military jet engines using hobart machine and this welder is every bit as good. Impressive performance and great value, definitely recommend!

  85. Casey M Pimley

    Amazing machine for the price. I also have the Mig210LCD. Also grate welder.

  86. Rod

    Only practice so far on both TIG and stick. Love the settings! Couldn’t find another one in this price range that did both AC and DC, with pre-flow and post-flow, with a pedal. In addition to that, the customer service from Joe is like having your own personal welding instructor. I had done some MIG welding many years ago. Joe took the time to explain so many things I didn’t even consider. Other companies I was considering were pretty much there to just take an order. I had some follow up questions after I ordered but before the welder arrived. Joe sent me a few emails with a preferred list of consumables and recommended settings. Welder showed up 2 days after order (and this was Christmas time when everyone else was making excuses a out shipping delays). Well packaged and appears well built. I had to get some Argon gas, hand tools and consumables. I have about 3 hours on the machine and love the whole experience! I really appreciate true customer service. Thanks Joe. I will probably call again as I am finding some projects 😁

  87. Nick Sacco

    Nick Sacco

    Very fast service Much appreciated

  88. Mike hewlett

    Mike hewlett

    Great value for the price. Works just as it should and haven’t had any issues with it yet. I do wish the ground cable was longer though but that’s an easy fix

  89. john mccartney

    john mccartney

    So far so good. Very good quality and superb weld quality.

  90. Paul Jacobs


    Very nice machine for the money

  91. rene sauve

    rene sauve

    Everything and customer services was great.thank you Rene Sauve

  92. Stephen Barthelmass

    Don’t hesitate this welder is great. Very impressed

  93. Randy Martin

    Randy Martin

    Great welder that arrived quickly!

  94. Willard Andrus

    Willard A.

    Great welder. Have been welding aluminum with no problems. User friendly welding machine. Great customer service and videos from Luke.



    Packaged, operated, and performed just like the videos and ads portrayed. I am very pleased with my purchase

  96. Dillinger Messer

    Dillinger M.

    This welder destroys my old 180 tigmate on every level and I’ve welded with the newer 300 syncrowave at borla quiet a few times and you couldn’t tell a difference in the welds at all

  97. David Belew

    David Belew

    My welder arrived perfect
    The packaging is as secure as a bank vault ! The set up was easy and I was welding within half an hour. I am well pleased with the 200gd

  98. Tommy Steadman

    Tommy Steadman

    Haven’t got to use the machine yet but the customer/technical service is great. The fellow that does this is very knowledgeable and friendly, eager to help. Nice to see a company and their staff that has a great friendly customer service.

  99. Brian Lott

  100. Kevin Mcquade

    Review Update: I have had my TIG 200 now for a couple of years . I also have a Weldpro MIG 155. Both have been great machines. Customer support has been outstanding in dealing with any issues or problems I have had. The TIG I have used for stainless, Alum. and mild steel. from 16 gauge to 3/8 steel, pulsed, etc… also for Stick. It’s my first TIG machine so I cannot compare, but I have professional welder friends who have tried it and were impressed compared to a $2500 miller. I mostly use it in the 220-240V mode But have used it with 110-120 for Amps < 100.

  101. Juan Lara

    I bought this machine about two years ago from marketplace. It was used but in mint condition. I got it with the intention of learning how to tig weld but really never used it. I used a few times for stick welding and it works really good. Just a few days ago I used it to weld aluminium on top of a trailer and even though it was windy the welds came out looking really good. I’m thinking about getting the OMNI 210.. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is the bulky pedal but is not a dealbreaker.

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