5-in-1 Multi Process 120V Welder with 200 Amp LCD Inverter – 120V/240V MIG/TIG/Flux Core/Stick

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  • Weldpro’s flagship 200 amp multi function MIG welder with LCD display. Now with exciting new added features and easy access menus offers amazing versatility for more precise welding results.
  • The model 210 LCD is also capable of true lift TIG welding as well as stick welding and aluminum welding with the optional spool gun. The MIG 210LCD is not only an intuitive synergically designed MIG / Flux Core welding machine, but now offers the option for total independent voltage and wire speed control.
  • MIG, Stick or Lift TIG welding all from a single compact, space-saving unit. Welding Amperage Ranges230V: MIG: 40-200A; MMA: 20-180A; TIG: 20-180A. 30% at 200 Amp rated duty cycle
  • Added new features include in MIG Mode, Run-In, Spot Weld, Gas Choice, Synergic or Full Manual controls, on screen polarity swapping for Flux Core vs Gas MIG. and in Stick (MMA) mode, On screen electrode type choices, Hot Start, and Arc Force.
  • Color LCD display easy to read and set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time. VRD high temp and overload protection with indication. User adjustable inductance settings.

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The Weldpro MIG210 LCD display multi-process welder offers state of the art options at a cost that won’t break the bank! Smoothly flow through the on-screen menu system and choose the setting style you like best. Full synergic with the complete option to micro-adjust both voltage and wire speed, or the Full Manual Controlled voltage and amperage option. Either way, Weldpro also incorporates a new “OUT OF RANGE” warning feature. Should you over or under adjust voltage or amperage relative to the other setting in MIG mode, the Weldpro 210 LCD will warn you by turning the setting value you have chosen from Green in color to Red, warning you that you may be out of the recommended relative values for voltage and wire speed. Should you need to weld body panels or otherwise choose to tack weld materials, choose the new spot welding feature to accomplish your goals with ease. Turning to Lift Tig mode, the Weldpro 210 LCD Multi-Process welder offer an amazingly smooth DC Lift Tig function ready to meet your needs for small or intricate welding projects. When used with 100% pure Argon gas the clean, quiet, virtually smoke-free TIG welds are a pleasure to perform. If the need arises to Stick weld (MMA) materials together the Weldpro Multi-Process LCD does not disappoint. Exceptional DC stick welding provides excellent fusion and bead characteristics. The new HOT START and ARC FORCE features also greatly enhance your welding experience. It’s no wonder Weldpro welding equipment is rated among the highest approval on the market today. Quality and value along with outstanding customer service drive our team to serve your needs.

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Weight 56.4 lbs
Dimensions 25.4 × 12.9 × 56.4 in

24 reviews for 5-in-1 Multi Process 120V Welder with 200 Amp LCD Inverter – 120V/240V MIG/TIG/Flux Core/Stick

  1. robert snyder

    robert s.

    Haven’t used the welder yet. Looks good, feels quality, fast shipping, and customer service response is quick and second to none.

  2. Peter Luker

  3. William Srite

    William S.

    So far I love this welder. It’s done everything I’ve asked it to do, done it well and been a pleasure to use. Not even a moment of buyer’s remorse on this purchase and since getting it I’ve already got a bunch of new projects I’ve thought up. Having it around lets me think about making things I’d never even considered before. Repairs around the property that have kinda stacked up over the years are getting done and new stuff is being fabricated every day. I love this machine. The company was excellent to deal with; shipping was fast and the machine was packaged like they expected UPS to air-drop it from 30,000 feet. Customer service was super helpful and friendly and they took ownership of my issue. If they were a public company I’d buy stock in it, but alas they are not.

  4. Miguel Leal

    Miguel L.

    Very good product so far. I have not had any issues as of yet. The product shipped faster than I expected; which is a very good thing!!!

  5. Chris

    I recieved this welder for Christmas, and have only used it for a short time after set-up (which was easy). I like this better than the red one it replaced. Welds great out of the box.
    The packaging was exceptional, better than I’ve seen on items air dropped from a C-130.

  6. Daniel Valerio

    Daniel Valerio

  7. David Uri

    David Uri

  8. Jeffrey Murdock

    Jeffrey Murdock

    I was hoping that some welding wire would come with this fine piece of equipment but it works great. Best welder I have had in a long time. Do you think you might have a canvas cover for it in the future? That would be great.

  9. Shane Atwood

    Shane Atwood

    This thing is amazing! Seems very well built. I have arc welded a hand full of rod, and a lot of mig welding so far and it runs like a dream. I have not used the tig option yet, but look forward to trying it out.
    Also Weldpro has Excellent Customer Service!! I called several times needing info on different welders and the 2 guys I talked to were great at there jobs . They new all the answers and were more than happy to answer question.
    Shipping was also super fast! Thanks Weldpro!

  10. Logan Hutton


    Works great can’t wait to try the tig

  11. Richard Loucks


    Nicely packaged. Nice features and the leads seem to be pretty sturdy. Only used 110 mig so far and welds great. Nice machine so far.

  12. Troy Hammer

    Troy H.

    Great machine!! One thing is that the package could have a better starter kit ie. ( Small spool of wire, gloves, and maybe a helmet option). This welder is easy to run and set. Haven’t had a chance to try all the options but the quality is great for the price. Home run!!

  13. Marvin Roberts

    Marvin Roberts

    So far so good quick shipping very well packaged. Just got my 125cf cylinder of C25 and the setup could not be easier. I have only used it for MIG on 120V so far with very good results, I like that the fan only runs under load and that it is also quiet, I like the LCD display it is clear and easy to read under shop lighting and the operator’s manual is not to bad. I have not tried the stick or TIG yet but they look decent enough. Overall very satisfied so far.

  14. Martin Howard

    Martin H.

    Wasn’t what I exactly what I wanted. Will order another model They were very good about getting a refund. UPS on the other hand, not so great!

  15. William Morganti

    William Morganti

    This welder is night and day compared to my 110v 135amp mig. Functions well, tig is spot on. A little getting used to with the lift versus pedal. Get yourself a welders jacket 13 mask and heavy gloves or prepare for a sunburn.
    It came packaged superbly with quality stingers, ground clamp, connectors and a flow meter too. Watch the videos and read the manual good before using. If I bought a well known name welder I would have to spend over double. This unit will do all my sheet metal fixes as well as go cart frames, mud mower chassis, frame connectors and more.



    Excelente equipo muy versátil y muy bien empacado, aún no uso el proceso tig lastima que no trae un botón para la antorcha, pero aún así es perfecto espero usarlo pronto

  17. ken kadrmas

    Packaging was great. No information in the manual on spot welding. Have spoken to both Joe and Kathy Ding at Linlong USA

  18. avery green


    Welder works great customer service answered the phone every time I called awesome 😎

  19. Wallace Hunt

    Wallace H.

    So far I love the 5-in-1 Multi Process 120V Welder with 200 Amp LCD Inverter – 120V/240V MIG/TIG/Flux Core/Stick. It arrived well packaged. I haven’t gotten to try all the welding processes yet but very impressed with how it mig welds with solid wire and 75/25 gas. It seems to be well made and heavy duty. I’m looking forward to trying the other methods of welding it does. I have contacted customer service via phone and they were very helpful and answered all my questions. I would recommend this welder to anyone wanting an all in one machine.

  20. Zach Gaither

    It really surprised me it’s a great welder

  21. Robert

    Love the welder, and your service was fabulous

  22. Wallace Hunt

    Wallace H

    Update! I have had this welder over a year now and used it quite a bit. I have used all the different welding functions and all worked very well. So far never had any problems. I have the aluminum spool gun also and it works well on 3/16 inch or thicker. Anything thinner and I had a lot of burn through. Probably me doing something wrong, lol. I only wish it had AC tig. I liked it so well I just ordered the newer Omni 210 which does have the AC tig. It has the tig foot pedal and a trigger switch so that should take care of my thinner aluminum tig welding projects. Looking forward to trying my new welder. I will set my older welder up for flux core mig welding and stick. That way I won’t have to change out solid wire for flux core and use the newer one for gas mig and tig. Still highly recommend this welder for anyone looking for a multi process welder! It won’t let you down.

  23. Kevin Mcquade

    This is my third Weldpro machine. I love the build and features of this 210 LCD – Its an upgrade from my MIG 155 . auto adjust for wire, weld thickness, gas ….etc. Plus you can set run in and inductance to fine tune welds. A big added intangible is the customer support. It’s been excellent .

  24. kevin mcquade

    kevin m.

    I upgraded from my weldpro 155 . This machine is solid. Any questions I have had have been thoroughly answered by the excellent customer support.

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