MIG200GDSV quick setup reminders

  1. When installing the MIG cable, moisten the o-rings and be sure to seat the connector firmly and completely.  Secure with wing set screw.
  • To remove or replace the nozzle, the same motion is used.  A gentle turn clockwise while easily pulling the nozzle off, and that same gentle turn clockwise while pushing to replace it.  The nozzle is NOT threaded, it is a friction fit.
  • Be sure to remove the contact tip before feeding wire through the torch cable to avoid the wire from catching on it during the install of the wire. Double check the stamped size on the contact tip to be sure it is the correct diameter. When installing new wire, be sure to stretch out your torch cable straight to avoid binding. (Note: diffuser behind contact tip is left hand thread.)
  • For gas MIG welding the short dinse (dongle) cable in front of the machine is connected to the plus (+) dinse connector, reverse polarity .  For gasless flux core welding the short dinse (dongle) cable on the front of the machine is connected to the minus (-) dinse connector, straight polarity.
  • If your drive rollers are not turning, be sure your mode selector is set to MIG and be sure the (REM) button is toggled OFF.  The REM is for use with the optional spool gun for aluminum welding. ( which uses reverse polarity same as MIG with gas).
  • Be sure to match your drive roller size with the wire diameter you are using.  Smooth rollers for solid MIG wire, and knurled roller for gas less flux core wire.  Do not over tighten drive roller tension knob.
  • For best welding results, clean metal and remove any mill scale.  Be sure you have a good ground connection. 

                   Any questions or concerns please contact support at 651-329-2686