Interview with Jay Hetfield from Jumpstreet Customs

Meet Jay Hetfield!

Jay is the owner/operator of Jumpstreet Customs in East Lansing, MI. Recently I was able to interview Jay and hear a little more about what it takes to run a small business. Jay is a great guy and a true professional. I enjoyed our conversation and learned a lot from him.

Jumpstreet Customs

is a small chopper shop that was born out of a love for 60-70’s era skinny choppers. Jay found it difficult to order parts and the parts he was getting for his bikes were poor quality and not something he wanted his name associated with.

Jay began building all of his own components out of his garage. He has a cnc plasma cutter, lathe, milling machine, and all the other tools required to build bikes from the ground up. Jay now does powder coating and has the ability to craft a custom chopper from raw material and a motor!

During our interview,

Jay mentioned that he has been using the Weldpro TIG 200 GD SV which is an AC DC TIG welder that is capable of doing aluminum. Jay said that previously he had owned a more expensive machine and the Weldpro TIG 200 did a better job and at a fraction of the cost.

Jay works with one other helper who he is training to do fabrication. When asked what advice he had for the younger generation, or anyone looking to get into starting their own business, “just do it!” Jay says he wished he would have started doing what he loves sooner and he recommends if you have the itch to do something like this, just go for it. Get any training you need a pursue your passion!

It was so great being able to spend time with Jay, even through a Zoom meeting. We are happy to be sharing our new Small business Spotlight with Jay and the team at Jumpstreet Customs. Thanks for being a part of the Weldpro family! We are glad you love your TIG 200.

If you have a need for custom bike parts from any era, let Jay know! and don’t forget to check out the zoom interview with Jay on our YouTube channel.