Hi everyone I’d like to take a second and make a quick post regarding a question that I’m getting every so often concerning our very popular 200 amp multi-purpose MIG welder as well as our 155 amp MIG. This has to do with the initial setup of the welder and also with the changing of consumables when initially loading wire in your new mig welder. Be sure to first remove the nozzle and unscrew the contact tip before feeding wire through the torch cable. It is very difficult for new wire to fit through that small opening in the contact tip, so removing it first is important. Removing the contact tip does require removing first the nozzle. It is a twist fit rather than a screw-on fit and you’ll find it comes off very easily turning clockwise and giving a slight pull as you turn. It will also go on with a clockwise turn as you push it back in since it is just a pressure fit. What the nozzle actually presses onto is called the diffuser. At some point in the use of your welder this diffuser may become clogged from use. Please understand that the diffuser itself is left hand thread and to unscrew the diffusion simply pull back on the black plastic ring just behind it to expose 11 mm flat. It is there that you can put an open-end wrench and with the understanding you’re working with left-handed thread unscrew the diffuser for replacement. Trying to unscrew it in a standard manner will stress the brass fitting and can crack or break it. Happy welding!