A letter from the President

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The world is experiencing an unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. The growing number of confirmed cases affect every one of us. In the beginning of February, our parent company’s team members and I were at the center of the outbreak in China, and we had a difficult time. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the government and people all over the country, we were able to get the situation under control. At present, our production and life styles have returned to normal. As a person who experienced it, I would like to communicate the following points with you through this letter:

First, during these challenging times, the company’s top priority is for the health and safety of its employees as well as the strength of the welding community. Please be sure to attach great importance to this new pneumonia, do not take any risks. Please follow the advice of the government and the experts, do not go out unless it is necessary, stay away from crowds, wash your hands frequently, wear masks, do some exercise at home, improve the body’s immunity, protect yourselves and your families. Please keep calm and do not panic, understand that as long as we apply a scientific response, we will see ourselves safely through the crisis. During these challenging times, our basic social responsibility is to protect ourselves and our families, not to spread or believe rumors, not to do anything harmful to the public interest.

Second, on the premise of ensuring personal safety, as employees of the enterprise, we should abide by Linlong’s commitment of ” making welding technology available to everyone”.

At the height of the epidemic in China, employees who were eligible to work from home were required to do so in accordance with government and company regulations. Even as our work from home became more complex and difficult than usual, we teamed up to deploy the company’s new website and develop exciting new welding products based on feedback from our distributors and end-users. In the face of the global pandemic level, we need to face the challenge with a positive attitude. Trust that the crisis will pass and that spring will come.

Finally, I’d like to offer my best wishes to you and your family.

Linlong Limited

Rita Lin