1 Ton Truck vs. Weldpro TIG 200

It wasn’t too long ago I received an email from a gentleman from Texas named Dwayne, with this picture attached:

I took one look at this TIG 200 and wondered what the heck happened!? Dwayne tells the story very well:

I was going to weld some 5 inch 1/8 thick aluminum Irrigation sprinkler pipe back together after a tornado tore them up, it was me and my helper in the middle of a hay field with absolutely no shade on a 115° west Texas day. We had more things to prep than we originally planned and my weldpro tig 200 was just sitting on the bed of my welding truck getting hot, so instead of asking my helper to put it inside the truck like I should have, I told him we need to get it in the shade so it don’t get too hot. Well the only shade we had was under the bed. About an hour later I came up with a forklift to move the engine of the sprinkler system and the truck was in my way, so i told him to back the truck up a bit so I can get in there. He starts the truck puts it in reverse and CRACK! I noticed he wasn’t moving and I hollered “whats taking so long come on” so he punches the gas on my 1 ton chevy dually with welding bed and when I heard the “crack” again I sadly realized what the noise was….my brand new weldpro tig 200! I said “pull forward!” “My tig!” His jaw dropped and he started apologizing immediately. I was in shock, i said “lets get all the pieces and take it to the house maybe we can salvage it”. We took it to the house took the cover off and checked everything out and nothing looked broken inside just the frame on the outside. I told him let’s plug it in and see what happens. To my amazement it turned on and went through the cycles, I plugged in the stinger and ground and grabbed a 6010 and ran a test bead, it ran good! So I tried the tig torch next and it still worked! The way that machine looked i thought it was a gonner but I was happy it still worked! We took apart what we could of the frame and bent it back into the best version of what it used to look like and we were back in business! Not only is the weldpro ac/dc tig 200 a good machine its pretty durable as well.
Dwayne M.

Dwayne welding with his smashed up TIG 200

I was in awe when I saw this email from Dwayne. I couldn’t believe his machine still worked after being crushed by a 1 ton dually. We knew his machine, while operable, was not safe to use. To take care of Dwayne, we sent him a new TIG 200 so he didn’t have to beat up his helper! 🙂

Dwayne’s New TIG 200 next to the Crushed one

Here at Weldpro we pride ourselves in customer service, quality, and making a machine that is durable and will last. We are constantly improving our engineering and listening to customer feedback. If you are considering a Weldpro MIG welder, TIG welder, or a plasma cutter we would be excited to have you as part of the Weldpro family! A family that takes care of each other!

-Luke Fosburg